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If you are a Danish citizen who lives and works in Bulgaria, who is married to a Bulgarian and needs some legal advice about Family Law matters, contact me – Slavyana llieva lawyer. I have many Danish clients in my practice, and I always find it very pleasant and satisfying helping Danish people, living in Bulgaria. That is why I decided to write this article, specifically for Danish people in Bulgaria, who have questions about Family law in Bulgaria, Labour law in Bulgaria, buying property in Bulgaria, etc.

Please contact me at ✉ slavyana.ilieva@gmail.com, ☎ (00359) 895071410

How Can I Help You?

If you need the services of a Bulgarian lawyer for Danish citizens, contact Slavyana Ilieva lawyer on phone 0895071410 or through the contact form on the website and make an appointment for a consultation. Slavyana Ilieva is a registered attorney at the Razgrad Bar Association, the address of the office is the city of Razgrad, Maritsa Street 1, office 39. The consultation can be carried out both in the office and by phone. The same applies to the preparation of divorce papers. You do not need to come to the office in Razgrad for all the necessary divorce documents to be prepared. It is enough to have a computer and an email at your disposal, through which you can send the necessary documents to email slavyana.ilieva@gmail.com

What documents are needed for divorce?

The necessary documents for a divorce by mutual consent are an identity card, a certificate of civil marriage, birth certificates of children (if you have children born during the marriage), a notary deed (if you have one acquired during the marriage), a large motor vehicle receipt (if you have acquired a motor vehicle during the marriage).

When it comes to divorce by claim, additional documents will probably need to be presented, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact me at ✉ slavyana.ilieva@gmail.com, ☎ (00359) 895071410

Bulgarian Lawyer for Danish Citizens – Areas of Practice

  • Divorce lawyer Bulgaria
  • Child Support lawyer Bulgaria
  • Parental Rights lawyer Bulgaria
  • Legal Advice Bulgaria
  • Buying Property Bulgaria
  • Civil Law Lawyer Bulgaria

Please contact me at ✉ slavyana.ilieva@gmail.com, ☎ (00359) 895071410

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