Child Support Lawyer Razgrad

When should you contact a child support lawyer Razgrad? There is no specific time when you should seek the assistance of a family law attorney. Sometimes this happens with the termination of the marriage or common-law relationship, and sometimes not. Even if you are on good relationship after the separation, it is advisable that the child support issue is settled in black and white, and this can happen through an out-of-court settlement.

What Happens if the Parent Does Not Pay Child Support?

There are two scenarios in which a parent may not pay child support – when there is non-payment of a child support and when child support is never sought. In both cases, you need an experienced child support lawyer Razgrad. If there is a court order awarding child support, your child support lawyer Razgrad will help you take action to enforce the child support collection. If no such case has ever been filed, you should file a motion to order the other party to pay child support.

When Does the Obligation to Pay Child Support Arise?

The obligation to pay child support arises when the child is born. This obligation is terminated when the child reaches the age of majority. It does not matter if the parent ordered to pay child support is unemployed, disabled, does not have his own home or has no income. If this is the case, the child support is paid by the municipality. It is easiest for this to happen with the help of a child support lawyer Razgrad. Lawyer Ilieva will assist you in issuing a writ of execution, based on an effective court decision. After that, lawyer Ilieva will assist you in filing an enforcement case. In the event that the enforcement case establishes that the defendant has no income and is unable to pay the due child support, then the child support is paid by the municipality to the claimant’s permanent address.

What is the minimum and maximum child support amount in 2023?

The minimum amount of child support is in line with the minimum wage, and it is equal to ¼ of the amount of the minimum wage. There is no set maximum amount of child support. The amount of child support is determined by the court, which takes into account both the defendant’s financial situation and the child’s needs.

How to Hire a Child Support Lawyer Razgrad?

If you would like lawyer Slavyana Ilieva to be your child support lawyer Razgrad, contact us by phone at +359895071410 or through the contact form on the website.