How do we tell the kids we’re getting a divorce?

In this article, we will pay attention to the psychological side of divorce, and more specifically to a very delicate aspect of it – children and divorce. Is it true that children remain deeply traumatized after divorce? Is it better to stay married even though we feel unhappy just because we have children?

Children and divorce – how to tell children about an upcoming divorce?

Experts advise that when we decide to divorce, this decision should be communicated to the children together by both parents. You should all sit together and talk to the children in a calm tone. Do not blame each other, do not give too many details that would only confuse the child. Tell him that mommy and daddy will no longer be living together, that they will be in separate houses, but that this will in no way affect their relationship with him or her. Explain to the child that in the future he will spend time with both mom and dad, each in their own home. It is imperative that you tell the child that he is not to blame for your breakup, and that it is really no one’s fault. It’s just that sometimes in life it happens that two people have to continue their lives separately. Wait to see the child’s reaction. If there are questions, please be patient and answer carefully. However, be careful in your choice of words.

Even if you feel hurt by your spouse and want to vent those negative emotions in front of the child – don’t! Remember that whatever happened, the child is essentially half of you and half of your husband. Do not make the child take sides in the divorce!

Is it better to stay married just for the sake of the children?

Whenever a marriage goes wrong, the children feel it. They see that their parents are not happy and even if there are no scandals between the spouses, the lack of emotions, love and romantic gestures are not an example of what a fulfilling marriage should look like. Through your divorce, you can show your children how, if a person is not happy, they can take action and change their life.

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