International Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria

International Marriage. Divorce with a foreigner in Bulgaria. Getting married in Bulgaria. If you are looking for an international divorce lawyer in Bulgaria, lawyer Slavyana Ilieva is here to help you. Lawyer Ilieva is providing highly proficient expert services to all her clients – foreigners, living in Bulgaria, in English language. To book an appointment, contact Lawyer Slavyana Ilieva by the phone +359 895 071 410 or via contact form in the website.

What Should You Know about Marriage in Bulgaria?

The only legal marriage in Bulgaria is the one between a man and a woman. Only civil marriage is pronounced as official. A religious rite in a church or a monastery may be performed before the civil marriage, but the religious rite has no formal or legal power. You may have or may not have a wedding ceremony in a church or monastery. It is up to you, and your vision about the perfect wedding. However, if you want to get married in Bulgaria, you need to have a civil marriage.

The same-sex marriage is not permitted in Bulgaria. You cannot have a marriage between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman in Bulgaria.

International Divorce Lawyer in Bulgaria

Divorce with an international element is a strictly formal court procedure. If you are a foreigner, married to Bulgarian citizen, you can get divorced in Bulgaria, with the help of an international divorce lawyer. The divorce can be done by mutual consent between the spouses, without seeking for the fault for the termination of marriage. The basic ground for divorce in Bulgaria, no matter whether we are talking about a divorce between two Bulgarian citizens, or a divorce between a foreigner and a Bulgarian citizen, is when the marriage is deeply and irreparably broken. Both spouses reach to a mutual consent they want to get divorced and they hire the same international divorce lawyer to represent them in court. If one of the spouses does not agree to get divorced, that makes the procedure longer and much more expensive. In such case, the spouses have two be represented by two different divorce lawyers.

If you want lawyer Slavyana Ilieva to be your international divorce lawyer in Bulgaria, contact her by the phone +359 895 071 410 or via contact form in the website. You can also send lawyer Slavyana Ilieva an email: slavyana.ilieva@gmail.com.